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| Friday, November 17, 2006

Wad do u wan??I hav no idea...

I try 2 care 4 u,and u said i was fakin it.U asked me smth and later said tt i was lyin.I try 2 noe u more,do even bother 2 let mie?I try 2 smile,laugh and even act lyk a fool to hide the pain frm u,do u even care?Im disappointed...totally...Can i trust u 4 the veri last time?That,i dun noe....

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| Friday, October 27, 2006

Last day of sch!!!!Nth special though except 4 the concert tingy...tok bout tt later...

So,as usual,reached sch quite early 2day.After flag-raisin,we played games in class,2 sianz liao,nth 2 do.And 2day Ms Ng was lyk sick/period coz she complained of stomachache and scolded us 4 being 2 noisy(we behaved lyk tt evryday lor) and stop us frm playin til ai min comes back...
Budden after shes gone,we continued being noisy again...haha...heck care her.

Den we played heart attack and joshy was lyk havin so much fun slappin others hand...lol,all their hands were red.Den we play play play til recess ended liao oso dunno...After recess we continue playin.I played Yada 4 the veri 1st time...kip gettin tricked...stupid game.

After sch,we went 2 makan wif yk,jy and ai min...met up wif ch,brandon,gr,susu and ah xian in food court.Den ate 4 bout 1hr den decided 2 go yk xiao di di de house wif ah xian and the 2 ai de,but i went back 1st 2 change in2 half u...

When i reached yk xiao di di de house,i became "maria"(for more info...go ask yk xiao didi).Yk is damn rich lor...his house ish damn big.We crap crap crap den around 4 den susu came.Crap again til 530 den we left 4 the concert...

Stopped at cheers 2 buy sweet and rushin lyk hell after tt...almost late for the concert.We met ml and kenny and they stinks...2 much deodorant liao lah.

Den the concert came...alot old items lor,almost fell aslp but ok lah...all the performers did a gd job lah*clap*so after the concert tingy,we sang the sch song..saw bian dou de photo..haha veh funny.Den after tt,we started wad caterpillar tingy and toured the sch and ppl were lyk screamin lyk siao,but the whole ting ish fun lah,although its juz a short while...So,we assembled @ the parade ground and were dismissed.

Went 2 mac 2 grab smth 2 eat wif ml,ch,biandou,yk,susu,gr,yk,jy and ai min.Saw the dead or alive de trailer...damn bian tai.Yk xiao didi and mie was lyk laughin non-stop.Around 1020 pm,went back wif yk and ah xian.Reached home at around 1040pm.

Haiz...i didnt said wad i hav 2...but i sms liao..No reply yet so far.Shun qi zi ran bah....

10:45 PM


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| Thursday, October 26, 2006

AHH!!!I DID IT XD...I FINALLY GAVE THE TING AFTER PREPARIN IT FOR LYK 2MTHS...AHHH!!!I DUN BLEAVE IT...(Sry n tq 2 the person hu waited so long fer tis=D)

Ok...tis morning actually woke up veri early lyk 5am 2 make breakfast 4 mie de family.Haiz...total failure*shake head*.Did mashed potato and it tasted lyk...erm...shit.So we ate mum cooked de toast...taste so much better...Muz improve on cookin skill liao...haiz.

Saw ppl wearin P.E in sch den suddenly rmb 2day got P.E.Luckily Lao ee nvr come 2day...or else kena detention.Den we crap crap crap in class n jiayi and mie was lyk kip tokin bout jay chou.Den recess time i gave the ting...dunno the person's response though...haha.

After recess,back in class,Brandon was lyk kip rushing mie 2 say smth 2 tt person,jiayi oso(i planned 2 do it tmr de lor)...And i was lyk no idea wad 2 say,so i juz anihw tok crap coz i noe brandon is listening den tmr den say wad i plan 2 say...(dun understand mie?nvm coz i kip tokin crap these few days..haha)Den as usual...no teacher came except 4 ms Ng,coz she wanted 2 collect $$ and wadeva form...and so we crapped...Blablabla,luv crappin...

After sch liao still there crappin,coz dun feel lyk goin home.So crap til lyk 4.20pm den go back home wif YK.On the bus we continued crappin...lol


Tmr last day of sch ler...yay..but @ the same time veri sad neh*sob*.MUZ SAY IT TMR...JIAYOU JIAYOU JIAYOU!!!

4:14 AM


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| Wednesday, October 25, 2006

HAHAHA...Found the onetwo hu hacked in2 my msn liao...

Yuan lai shi ml and huixian.Haiz,becoz of tt I kena scolded by Brandon coz they hacked in2 the acc and change my nick 2 "Brandon sux,he snatched my life away".Den still go crap wif CH and him.Worst,i told ml tt i'll rape the person hu hacked my acc for causing mie trouble?!?!I DON WANNA RAPE HIM AND HX!!They'll each q mie 4 rapin their AI REN.Aniwae...i forgave them(see...i so DA FANG)

Ok...enuf of crappin liao...been crappin these few days.coz veh de sianz...nth 2 do=))

Friday de concert 6.30 pm den start...gonna spend the whole day at sch.Daydreaming bah...lol.5 hrs leh.Any programs arranged anibody?Can't possibly kip playin cards game etc continuously fer 5hrs bah.If u can do tt without feelin even the slightess sianess, den i'll call u 100x pro...jkjk XD.Last 2 day of sch ler,oso last day in tis buildin...muz zhen xi.Lets do wad i oways wanna do tmr bah...

7:02 AM


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| Tuesday, October 24, 2006

AHHH!!!!!IM SO SIANZ NOW!!!Dun mind mie...I siao liao.Haiz...i hate it when days aren't supposed 2 be holidays.Cooped up at home,nth 2 do.Haiz y our sch wanna be special,other sch mon holi yet ours on wed...stooopid.At least let us spend the last 3 days of sch continuously.Friday de concert dunno got campfire or not,since the p.s.i lvl dropped so much and its gettin better.May 2day end quickly den tmr can go sch le.yay...

8:06 PM


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haiz...1st time cr8tin blog fer fun...nth do...sianzz.ok,thnks ml,hx(huixiany the great),sans fer helpin out.im an idiot in tis =).budden...huixiany the gr8 hacked in2 mie de blog...if i'd she'd offended any of u...imshe's terribly sry.2day...nth 2 post.juz 1 word...sianzzz.

5:12 AM


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ZHIHUI's BLOG kenna hack by HUIXIANY((:

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